Seonbi Novels is back up!

Alright, you guys all know that the site was kind of getting f**ked up during the last few days. But it’s all (I think) fixed now! Yay! A few things, though. School just started, and I need to adjust. I’ve already spent the entire day trying to fix this shit, so I’ll start to post/translate starting tomorrow. For members,...

Small Update on The Server Crash

Well, I guess it isn’t that fitting to call it a crash, really, but I do think that it deserves an update of its own. See, when I bought the server for this site, I didn’t expect that many people to come, so I bought one that can handle up to 100,000 people a month. Well, I get about 10,000+ when I post...

Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.4-6

I’ve made a Discord Channel for this site! I’m only going to be able to handle up to 3 chapters a week from now on for this novel. Take note that I’m not doing this because of the new membership feature (more on that later in the post), but I’m doing it because once school starts, I won’t be able to translate...

King Shura, Chapter 100!

First post on the site! Yay~ Chapters 1-100 of King Shura have all been transferred from There’s still a lot to do (table of contents, transferring other projects, pretty-fying the site), but it’s not like I can keep you guys away from chapter 100 forever… Read Chapter 100 here.

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