Running Away From The Hero! Chapters 4.1-2

There’s the chapter for all you leeches out there. Mmm, other than that, I’d like to talk about a few things. First off, regarding the slowness of my releases. I’m working on speeding things up. I was too exhausted last week, hence the reason why I am only able to release 2 chapter parts today. I’ll work on releasing...

Regarding Cancelled Payments

Apparently a lot of people tried buying the RATH product, but cancelled the order. If you cancelled the order but never got a refund for it, please send me mail at [email protected]

Site is back up! Some explanations.

Alright guys… as you all saw, the site went down for several hours right after I posted some RATH chapters. I don’t know what happened, but the server’s cpu/bandwidth usage jumped to a freakish amount, and began to slowly kill itself. The image of the incident is posted below… Seonbi Novels    In any case, the problem seems to have...

Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.9-13

The rest of chapter 3 in “Running Away From The Hero!” is up! That’s parts 9 to 13, for those of you who don’t know. I know chapter 3.9 was already up, but it wasn’t announced, so I’m announcing it now… And because I was missing for a week or two, I decided to upload 5 (technically 4, heh) parts. RATH! Members, I’ve...

Short Hiatus

Hey, I’m sorry to be saying this so soon after the site launched. But recently, my life’s kind of been spiralling out of control with shit like visa problems and homework flying around everywhere. I’m going to need a few days time, a week at most, to sort out a few things. On another note, I’ve uploaded a few chapters...

Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.7-8

Sorry for not being able to deliver 3 this time. Setting up the website nearly killed me, and I was in no condition to update. RATH members, Chapter 3.11 is up. It’s quite long, so enjoy yourself. I’ll work on uploading 3.12 and 3.13 today or tomorrow. Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (7)

Seonbi Novels is back up!

Alright, you guys all know that the site was kind of getting f**ked up during the last few days. But it’s all (I think) fixed now! Yay! A few things, though. School just started, and I need to adjust. I’ve already spent the entire day trying to fix this shit, so I’ll start to post/translate starting tomorrow. For members,...

Small Update on The Server Crash

Well, I guess it isn’t that fitting to call it a crash, really, but I do think that it deserves an update of its own. See, when I bought the server for this site, I didn’t expect that many people to come, so I bought one that can handle up to 100,000 people a month. Well, I get about 10,000+ when I post...

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