[King Shura] All the updates.

So it’s January, and I’m pretty much done with all my work. So you know, five chapters. As you might know already, these chapters were all edited by Chrysanthemum. King Shura, Chapter 104 King Shura, Chapter 105 King Shura, Chapter 106 King Shura, Chapter 107 King Shura, Chapter 108

[RATH!] Chapter 5, part 12 and 13

Getting back to King Shura once January starts. New chapter: https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-5-12/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-5-13/ Member chapters: https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-6-8/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-6-9/  

[RATH!] Chapter 5, part 9, 10, 11 (A long overdue update)

Finally finished my college apps. Guess what that means? I can rush through RATH, then get back to King Shura! 😀 New chapter: https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-5-9/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-5-10/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-5-11/ Member chapters: https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-6-5/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-6-6/ https://seonbinovels.com/projects/running-away-from-the-hero/chapter-6-7/  

About King Shura

Sorry for not updating this and not telling everyone what’s been going on. Should’ve explained as soon as I decided to do this, but I guess I’ve kind of forgotten. Nah, that’s a bad excuse. I was just too lazy to do it. So, what’s been up with King Shura? The last update was on August, and I’ve said almost nothing about...

[RATH!] Chapter 5, part 4

The new member chapter was more than two times longer than a normal chapter… Sorry for taking so long. New chapter: Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (4) Member chapters: Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (13)  

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