INvisible DraGon

INvisible DraGon


Nearly 50% of this was translated by Chamber, the translator for Coder Lee Yong Ho. What a helpful man. If only there were more like him…

Invisible dragon (Author: Duichidak)

This is perhaps one of the most famous webnovels out there in Korea… for being so bad. It’s marked as the representative of the seven forbidden texts, and it’s also the very first webnovel to get a comic adaption… I don’t even k-

Anyway, there are a lot of theories on who the author of this novel is. Based on the terrible grammar/spelling, some say it was written by an elementary schooler. But then the novel is bad. So bad, in fact, a lot of people couldn’t believe it was written by an elementary schooler… that’s why some people assume that it was written by an author who wanted to criticize the novel world for how many of the novels were becoming extremely cliché. 

Right, speaking of cliché, this is probably the most generic thing you’re going to find anywhere. It literally has everything. An MC who beats up everything, trains, goes to another universe, beats everything up again, etc etc. He’s a peerless beauty as well (super bishie!!). Because of it’s.. um.. nature, Korea’s renowned fantasy author, Lee Young Do (wrote Esoril’s Dragon, The Bird Who Drinks Tears, and Dragon Raja), praised it for criticizing many of the novels in Korea for being so generic. What the fuck

For those who would like to know what invisible dragon looks like, here is a picture


There it is, the invisible dragon in all it’s glory.

Welp, here’s the table of contents.

Table of Contents.

Chapters 1-50 (2002/07/25-2004/07/22)

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