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Sorry for not updating this and not telling everyone what’s been going on. Should’ve explained as soon as I decided to do this, but I guess I’ve kind of forgotten. Nah, that’s a bad excuse. I was just too lazy to do it.

So, what’s been up with King Shura? The last update was on August, and I’ve said almost nothing about it. Well… here’s the answer to that.

I’m temporarily dropping the series. I’m a high school senior now, and I’ve got to deal with college apps (+raising my GPA). Dealing with RATH, King Shura, as well as maintaining the site would simply take far too much time. So, for the time being, I’ve decided to drop King Shura (for it being the harder series to translate as well as it being much longer than RATH). I’ll get back to it in February when I finish up College Application and get pretty much done with high school, but before then, I really need to focus on school. If anyone else wants to translate it before I get back to it, I’m all up for it. If no one takes it up, I’ll just get back to translating it as usual.

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I wish you would drop RATH instead as I’m very close to dropping it but I love King Shura.


I is very much sad hearing this. Hopefully someone picks it up. I’m also of the King Shura > RATH boat. But do what you think is best to get to where you need to go.